Who we are

As part of The Study First Group Network, StudyFirst.TV will be launched in spring 2011 and is the first UK online TV channel devoted to the UK education market.  It provides students from around the globe easy access to information about leading educational institutions including English language schools, colleges and universities in the UK.  This will be in the form of easy to view clips and presentations!

Our aim is to provide non-native English speakers, who want to further their education in the UK, with a comprehensive view of the education options and destinations available to them.  It will also provide educational institutions with an opportunity to gain exposure to millions of prospective students worldwide!

Unlimited access to carefully selected and important information on a variety of educational institutions will be offered.  Students will be able to do this from the comfort of their own home whenever they want!

SFTV will broadcast detailed information from top educational establishments in the UK, giving prospective students and their advisors comprehensive information needed in order to make informed decisions about their education in the UK.

As well as the videos and presentations from leading educational establishments, SFTV will also show clips and videos of desirable destinations in the UK.

Visitor Information Centres will also be able to promote the unique selling points of their city, not only as a tourist destination but also as a city that all students would love to live and study in.

Students will be able to see clips of former students talking about their experience in the UK
In the future, there will also be the option for students to view live lessons on-line, provided by Study First Group leading partner institutions.